Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Basic Questions

How do I buy an account?

.Follow these simple steps to buy a csgo account:

  • First of all, make your mind for which category of csgo accounts you are looking for(non-prime, csgo prime account, or high tier).
  • Then go to the particular page and choose the account according to your need. Add that account to your cart and go to the checkout page to proceed with payment.
  • Your account information will be e-mailed immediately after payment confirmation.
  • The account is all yours to play and enjoy.
How and When will I get my account information?

Your csgo smurfs information will be e-mailed immediately after payment confirmation. The details include the Steam Username and Steam Password of the account.

The Steam guard is always disabled so that you can log right in and then you can simply change the details, and the account’s all yours. It’s effortless!

Where I Can Find The Details You Sent?

You will receive the credentials in your e-mail on the website. In case, you don’t get hold of the credentials via e-mail please check junk/spam Folder

What information I will receive after successful payment?

When you securely buy the csgo account at CSGOSmurfKart, you will receive details with all the guidance and information required to use and take ownership of your new csgo account successfully. It will include the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • E-mail ID
  • E-mail Password
What if the delivered csgo account does not match the description?

If a csgo account is ever not described properly, you may choose to keep it and negotiate for a lower price through our 24/7 live support, or you may return the undamaged csgo account for a hassle-free and guaranteed refund from CSGOSmurfKart.

CSGO Prime Accounts

What is CSGO Prime Account?

CSGO Prime Status is a feature of CSGO for users who have purchased CS:GO or are Private Level 21 or above. Users who have Prime Status receive benefits only available to Prime users.

The Prime Matchmaking System is the new extension by Valve to experiment with the Prime Matchmaking. It was first launched during April 2016 to allow players to play Prime Matchmaking. Players with the CSGO Prime Accounts are likely to experience a less predictable game. Also, the prime CSGO account does not allow unfair means of play.

Is the CSGO Prime account worth it?

You can buy a CSGO prime account if you want to play some competitive matchmaking. The prime status will be worth it for this. It will improve your gaming experience, but the essential element is the Trust Factor, and you can’t buy this for the matchmaking system. However, it isn’t relevant if you are a casual game mode player.

How much does a CSGO Prime account cost?

If you want to play counter strike global offensive and you’re new to the game, or you want to level up to another alternative account, you can buy a Prime account for as low as $7.99. Alternatively, you can play the game and wait until you reach Private Rank 21.

How to get Prime matchmaking in csgo?

CSGO Prime Status can be added to an account two ways:

Difference between Prime and Non-Prime CSGO Smurf Accounts?

The primary difference between prime and non-prime smurf accounts is to become prime and improve the overall matchmaking experience. To obtain a CSGO Prime account, you need to attain a Private rank not less than 21 Profile levels (Pr21). Alternatively, you can get a Prime cs go account by visiting the Steam store and purchasing it directly from the store. We at CSGOSMURFKART provide you prime csgo accounts at the lowest possible price compared to any website in this industry.

Once you’ve obtained prime status, you will face fewer hackers in matchmaking, and your overall gaming experience will improve. You’ll also gain an additional and vital characteristic of prime csgo accounts, which is the trust factor system in csgo prime matchmaking.

Csgo prime accounts are more costly than non-prime accounts, but the primary difference is worth it because of the benefits you get. Prime accounts are also eligible for all Prime-exclusive souvenir items, skins drops, and weapon cases. They have access to all official Community servers.

What are the benefits of having a Prime CSGO account

Prime users are matchmade with and against only other Prime Status users in all game modes. Besides, Prime users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, weapon cases, and access to all Community-operated servers.

Here is the list of advantages that you can obtain by buying a CSGO prime account:

  1. You can save your valuable time and energy by simply buying your desired csgo rank account from us.
  2. Better matchmaking & gaming experience. Having a good rank and progress will provide you with good matchmaking.
  3. You will have better teammates. So you can avoid all those games with noob players.
  4. You can set yourselves free from all those hackers and cheaters that you encounter in the initial stages.
  5. Also, these accounts are cheap and affordable. The little amount of money you are spending on a new prime account is worth all that time and effort you don’t need to waste.
Is it worth it to buy Prime Status in CS:GO considering the game’s free to play now?

It depends on a player to player, and to increase your gaming experience, We recommend buying CSGO Prime once you’ve decided to commit to CSGO and fulfill your gaming needs. Hacking is a regular occurrence in the game, and it’s usually up to the anti-cheat system by the valve. VAC, to help prevent you from getting matched with cheaters. The Prime status helps the anti-cheat system to verify you and match you with other verified players. Hence the quality of the games will be much higher, which also means fewer cheaters and de-rankers. Along with the Prime account, it also depends on the Trust Factor of that account, which indicates a positive member of the CSGO and Steam community.
However, please note that the Prime status and VAC system is not accurate, so buy accordingly. You also have the option to grind to lieutenant level 21 or Private rank 21 and activate Prime Status.